Práce: BELGIE: Maintenance Technician

lokalita: Belgie zadavatel: BRAVER s.r.o.

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Company activities
The company recycles industrial waste plastics and processes them into a useful granulate.
The company recycles:
PP corrugated sheets (corrugated sheets), yarns, packaging films, household appliances, crates
PE: pallets and large bins
PET: bottles, preforms, lumps, regrind, granules
PS: trays, cups, hooks

Period of mission Long term
Start-up date ASAP


  • Carrying out all the preventive activities and daily care, maintenance of all extrusion machinery and the recycling lines
  • Replacement of worn and damaged components, like bearings, valves, rotors
  • Installing heaters and cooling systems
  • Extruder screw replacement
  • Inspection and replenishment of oil
  • Synchronizing motions to reduce cycle times
  • Repairing, overhauling, replacing or installing conveyor systems.
  • Hydraulic repairs like replacement of hoses, vacuum cleaners
  • Checking of filters and replacement of engines
  • Lubrication of different machine components
  • Keeping machines in running, and in good condition
  • Testing and quality control of electronic devices

Has to cooperate with
A team of technicians

Reporting to (position)
Chief of maintenance team


  • Language skills: English or French on a good communicative level to be able to report in a given language all the problems, or ask for information at the workplace
  • Experience in repairs of production equipment
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to read and comprehend mechanical drawings and how they relate to the sequence of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams
  • Competency in repairing, overhauling, replacing or installing conveyor systems.
  • Big motivation and will to work overtime
  • Good communication skills
  • Will to move to Belgium for a long time

Necessary experience
Good knowledge of mechanics and electrics of production machines, at least 5 years as maintenance technician

Mechanics of machine/production lines or Electro-mechanics

Specific competences

  • Ability to work independent

Salary Conditions
Gross salary: Depends on the experience, between 13,50 – 14,50 €

Shift premium: 10 % of hour salary
Overtime can occur, but not on a regular basis: paid at 150%
Social security scheme-: O 5-day scheme
Effectively: 38 hours/week

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