Práce: BELGIUM: Panel beater for BMW and Mini Cooper

lokalita: Belgie zadavatel: BRAVER s.r.o.

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Services for individual clients (car mechanics, panel beating, varnishing, etc.) for BMW and Mini Cooper.

Period of mission Long time
Start-up date: ASAP


  • Assembling/disassembling damaged car body
  • Removing dents using manual tools and a spotter
  • Working with a straightening bench
  • Cutting metal sheets, welding
  • Very important: high quality of work, high level of accuracy


  • Min. 5 years of experience in panel beating
  • Skills in dissembling/assembling car body
  • Skills in using spotter and manual tools for panel beating
  • Ability to work with a straightening bench
  • Ability to cut and weld metal sheets
  • High degree of PRECISION
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Very good motivation required
  • Good organization and keeping the working place clean
  • Language: Language knowledge: Communicative knowledge of English

Necessary experience

  • At least 5 years on a similar position


  • Technical: car painter

Salary Conditions
Gross salary: 16,00 € – 18,00 €/an hour, depends on the experience.

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