Lecturer for the afternoon school group at school

Pracovní poměr práce na zkrácený úvazek
Smluvní vztah pracovní smlouva (na dobu určitou 1. 9. 2022 — 30. 6. 2023)
Práce vhodná také pro cizince (včetně uprchlíků z Ukrajiny), absolventy
Lokalita Praha  Vinohrady, Praha
Firma Mateřská škola a základní škola Beehive s.r.o.
Min. vzdělání Bakalářské
Hrubá mzda 18.000 Kč

O nás

About US:

We are an international private school, which is based on a warm, friendly and open approach to its students, clients and staff. We are different from others in our educational ways and priorities. The company's CEO has set a clear vision with which everyone is identified. We do everything to make us better, more exceptional and that everyone is as satisfied as possible and that our students receive the best possible care and education.

We are looking for a lecturer for our team in the afternoon school group. The potential candidate should be able to communicate in English. Position suitable for graduates and students.

Job description:

  • fulfillment of the plan according to the school "afternoon school club´s plan"
  • planning group trips or special workshops
  • work with the edupage system
  • take care of and spend time with children in a playful and creative way,
  • prepare a creative, physical, entertaining, but also educational program according to the SEP,
  • register class book
  • create a pleasant, stimulating and creative environment,
  • communication with pupils and their co-workers,
  • supervision in the school group.

What we require from you:

  • pedagogical education,
  • native speaker or holding an English language proficiency certification
  • knowledge of English,
  • creativity, friendly and open approach,
  • sense of fairness,
  • team spirit,
  • flexibility and enthusiasm for working with children.

What we can offer you:

  • work in a pleasant, friendly and international team,
  • a colleague who will make you a "partner" and help with the company, preparing plans and activities
  • appropriate evaluation and the possibility of obtaining bonuses,
  • support for further education,
  • unforgettable experiences from stays in nature and other school events,
  • half employment
  • partial work from home

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